CRM Manifesto

Earlier this year Microsoft included new Voice of the Customer functionality in its Dynamics CRM 2016 Online product.  Having previously worked in Customer Insight for several years the thought of having Research fully integrated into CRM was truly exciting.  So, in advance of my presentation with Andrew Bibby at the CRM User Group, I thought I’d share top tips for successful research.


1) Start with the end in mind

For each question you should be able to answer ‘what will I do when I have the answer?’. Be really strict to separate the truly insightful from the merely interesting; this will help keep your questionnaire from being too long. Having research capability built in to your CRM mean that you can source demographic and transactional data directly from within CRM itself rather than having to discover these via a questionnaire.

2) Target a representative group

If you’re not inviting everyone…

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